Published Date: July 9, 2016

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The U.P. Goes to War



Upper Michigan and Its Heroes in World War II. At last-a book celebrating the Upper Peninsula men and women who helped win the war! Read tales of incredible bravery, daring escapes, homefront patriotism, and why Yoopers made such good soldiers. You’ll meet a Navy carrier pilot saved by a bottle of ammonia, a Yooper who knew Hitler, and a rifleman who ran a jungle sawmil… stories of pilots, frogmen, a 10th Mountain Division hero, paratroopers, riflemen, shipwrecked sailors, women fliers, men in foxholes, POWs, homefront workers, and many more.

There are over 2,000 names: U.P. admirals and generals, Pearl Harbor fatalities, and our Medal of Honor winners. Learn about U.P. war industries, rationing, censorship, bond and scrap drives, overseas reunions, wartime sports, and the six U.P. POW confinement camps. The book was written by Larry Chabot of Marquette, who has studied and written about World War II for years.


“The veterans of World War II have often been called ‘America’s Greatest Generation.’ Chabot’s The U.P. Goes to War details the magnificent stories of the many contributions of our ‘God’s Country’ soldiers, sailors and airmen. Some will make you cry, others laugh, and still more swell with pride, but all will make you better understand why the U.P. is ‘someplace special.’ “

-Fred Stonehouse, maritime historian and author

“A concise, engaging work on Upper Michigan’s contribution and sacrifice during a most perilous time in our history. Chabot delivered newspapers as a youngster during the war and delivers this narrative on the war with a newspaper reporter’s style-clear and to the point.”

-Karl Bohnak-WLUC-TV meteorologist and author of “So Cold a Sky”

“1941! Britain was on her knees but still fighting! The Japanese had conquered Asia, then attacked Pearl Harbor! Upper Michigan went to war. Here’s how and why we won!”

Ben Mukkala, MichiganAuthor, Columnist and Publisher


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